Lace Doily Earring Display Cards

While photographing some earrings for my website recently, I used a paper doily for a backdrop and really liked the delicate, feminine look.  So I decided these dainty earrings, made of vintage plastic trim, needed their own little display cards. 

White Rose Post EarringsWhite Rose Post Dangle Earrings

I made mine roughly 2 by 3 inches so they’ll fit in the jewelry boxes I use for shipping them, but you can make yours any size you’d like.

This project can easily be adapted for bookmarks or regular cards if you don’t have a use for earring display cards.

I used Wilton Grease Proof Doilies (paper doilies meant for cupcakes), which are available at Michael’s or any store that sells cake decorating supplies.  For these cards, I used the 4-inch size.  You can experiment with different sizes if you’re making greeting cards.

Lace Doilies


Start by cutting one of your doilies into fourths.  You can also cut your paper into the size you want.  Cardstock or stiff paper works best.

Cut doilies into fourths

Blank earring cards

Arrange the doily sections on the cards and trim edges if needed, then apply glue to the back of each piece and glue in place.  A glue stick works best, since liquid glue will soften the paper and make it warped.

Earring cards with lace

Using a pin, poke holes where the earrings will go.

Add holes for earrings

You can also use a larger hole punch if you’d like to adapt it to fit a clip earring, as I’ve done below.

Lace doily cards with earrings

I liked the delicate look of white on white, but these are also really pretty against darker colors like black and brown.

Lace Doily Earring Display Cards

Finished lace doily earring display card

Some variations:

* Add your logo or brand to the top of each card
* Hole punch the top of each card so they can be hung on display racks
* Cut the paper into long, narrow strips and use as bookmarks
* Experiment with different colored doilies and background colors
* Gently brush the edges of the doily with a pale brown ink for an antiqued look
* Instead of gluing the doily down, sponge ink around it, then remove for a stenciled look
* Use a similar design to make gift tags, notecards, or journal covers