Ghost Edging Block for Halloween

A few years ago for Christmas, my mom made snowmen out of edging stones to give as gifts. I liked mine so much, I decided to adapt the idea for Halloween and make a ghost.

These edging stone decorations look festive sitting on a front porch or a garden bed and won’t blow over when the weather gets blustery. They can also be used indoors as a doorstop.  At only a few dollars per brick, they’re inexpensive and easy enough for any age.

The edging stones we used are elongated bricks with a curve at one and and a round ball shape at the other end (called Fulton Edging Stones at Lowe’s). They’re used for patios, walkways, or garden beds and work nicely for edging because the ball shape fits neatly into the curved of the next brick.

You can also use bricks in other shapes (keystone pavers, also called mirror pavers, will also work).

If you’ll be displaying it indoors or using it as a doorstop, you may want to add a layer or felt or table-leg pads to the bottom of the brick to avoid scratching the floor.

Ghost Edging Block

1. Make sure the brick is dry. If it’s been outside in the cold or rain, bring it indoors to dry out for a day or two.
2. Paint the brick white using acrylic paint. Several coats may be necessary as the brick absorbs the paint. (For a super-spooky ghost, use glow-in-the-dark paint!)
3. Using a pencil, lightly sketch out the eyes, mouth, and letters. Trace your marks in permanent marker once you’re happy with the placement.
4. When finished, spray the brick with several light coats of clear lacquer. This will prevent the paint from getting scratched off and will protect it from the weather if you’ll be displaying it outdoors.

This would be a fun project for an autumn party. You could even paint the bricks white in advance, then let guests decorate them using pipe cleaners, googly-eyes, foam shapes, pom-poms, or any other odds and ends you have on hand.

Other variations:
– Paint ghosts with glow-in-the-dark paint
– Paint the brick black, then add a long nose with green paint, googly eyes, and a black hat for a witch
– Drape cheesecloth over the brick and glue googly-eyes to the cheesecloth for a 3D ghost.
– After painting the brick white, wrap it with gauze to make a mummy, then glue on googly-eyes
– Have kids decorate their own brick and write their names instead of “Boo”

For other holidays:
– For a turkey – paint the brick brown. Add googly eyes, a yellow pom-pom for a nose, and a red piece of foam or felt for the waggle. Then cut foam shapes for feathers and glue to the back of the brick
– Paint the brick white, then draw a bunny face and add felt bunny ears for Easter
– Paint features on the bricks, or make them 3D by using fabric scraps, foam, pom poms, pipe cleaners, or anything else you have on hand.

For the snowman, my mom used some glitter paint or fake snow around the head and on the nose for a little extra sparkle. For the scarf, use a strip of flannel from an old plaid shirt. You can also add pom-poms on either side of the head and a pipe cleaner to connect them for earmuffs.

Snowman Edging Block