Folded cloth napkins are an easy way to dress up your table setting when entertaining.  Follow these easy instructions for the trifold method and display napkins upright on plates, or lay them flat next to the place setting.  While heavier fabrics may need to be starched in order to hold their shape, this method should work on most cloth napkins.

Table Setting with Folded Cloth Napkin on Plate

1.  Spread a square cloth napkin out in front of you, offset so that it forms a diamond shape.
2.  Bring the bottom corner up to match the top corner.

How to Fold a Napkin   How to Fold a Napkin

3.  Bring the right corner up to match the top corner.  Repeat with the left corner.
How_To_Fold_A_Napkin_3   How_To_Fold_A_Napkin_4

4.  Maintaining the shape, flip the entire napkin upside down.

5.  Bring the bottom corner up to match the top corner.

How_To_Fold_A_Napkin_5   How_To_Fold_A_Napkin_6

6.  Bring the left corner over to the right.
7.  Pick up napkin and arrange so that the folded corner is towards you and the open ends face away.

How_To_Fold_A_Napkin_7   How to Fold a Napkin

Display upright on a plate, or leave folded in a triangle and place just under the plate with the fork on top.