I just discovered Blythe dolls a few months ago and had planned on doing blog posts on individual dolls, but I got busy preparing goodie bag donations for BlytheCon 2014, which just happened to be close by this year in Seattle.

I had made 350 little items to donate, which included food items, jewelry, accessories, and a few outfit pieces. I also made some Wizard of Oz Blythe doll costumes for my dolls to wear, since this year’s theme was “Journey to the Emerald City.”

Here are the goodie bag donations all ready to go….

Brown Eyed Rose BlytheCon 2014 Goodie Bag Donations

My Blythe dolls in their Wizard of Oz costumes….a Lollipop Kid, Glinda the Good Witch, Dorothy, and Tin Man (or Tin Girl, as I liked to call her).

Wizard of Oz Themed Blythe Dolls

Furry Bella Bo went as the Cowardly-But-Oh-So-Cute Lion. I didn’t have time to finish her costume, so she wore her stock outfit – I thought it was a cute fit.

Wizard of Oz Themed Blythe Dolls

Our goodie bags were full of fun freebies – a tote bag and mug with Dr. Blythenstein’s illustrations, a cute little outfit from Snow White, a crocheted hat, a mini Starbucks cup, Blythe-sized conference lanyard from Tiny Haus, Stranger magazine from Confetti by Lexi, a Good Witch pin (which Glinda wore throughout the day), a shopping bag and zines from Pullstring Lane, and lots of coupons and promo items.

BlytheCon 2014 Goodie Bag Freebies

We met some great people at our table and some cute dolls, too. There was Xiaoyun Wu’s super-stylish Friendly Freckles doll and two foxy girls in adorable outfits.

Friendly Freckles Blythe doll
Blythe dolls wearing fox hat, dress, and skirt

Other tables also had dolls on display, here are a few of my favorites. Seeing the new Contessa Margherita middie up close was a highlight, her translucent skin and delicate features are amazing.

Blythe dolls on display
Blythe dolls on display
Contessa Margherita Middie Blythe Doll

There were lots of raffle prizes, some of our favorites were a custom doll with overalls and a petite Blythe that’s now on my wish list.

Custom Blythe doll in denim overalls
Petite Blythe doll

Overall the day was lots of fun, thanks to BlytheCon Seattle and everyone who made this a great event!