Rose Petal Place dolls

Welcome to Rose Petal Place brochure

Rose Petal Place dolls were made in 1984 in conjunction with an animated film featuring the characters. They were designed by David Kirschner and sold by Kenner, the same company that made Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Each doll had a flower theme and was scented like flowers.



According to the story of Rose Petal Place,

“Once upon a time, long, long ago, a little girl sat crying in her lovely garden. Her family was to move far away, and she would have to leave her beloved flowers forever. As she cried, she made one final wish through her tears, “Live forever!” As her teardrops fell on the flowers, a miracle began to happen…

The blossoms came to life as beautiful creatures, each with her own special personality. The little girl’s wish had come true! Now the garden is filled with singing and happiness even when threatened by evil Nastina, the spider. The flowers and their friends know they will always triumph with love and live happily ever after.”

Each doll came with a dress, hat, purse, comb, and doll stand. There was a teardrop-shaped rhinestone on each doll’s hat to symbolize the tears that brought the flowers to life.

The dolls had arched feet, so they couldn’t stand on their own outside the leaf-shaped doll stand. They had colored plastic legs and painted-on shoes.

On the back of each box was a poem:

“Long ago on a day in May,
a young girl had to go away,
and leave her lovely garden fair,
with no one to tend it, no one to care.
So the child cried, and her teardrops fell,
it was as though they cast a spell.
For they touched the petals of a rose,
and magically, so the story goes,
the rose and others came alive.
Now it’s here they live and here they thrive.
In Rose Petal Place there’s a garden of love to share.”

Meet the dolls….

Mint in box Rose Petal Doll

Rose Petal Place doll

Rose Petal was the namesake of the Rose Petal Place line. She has pink hair and blue eyes and wears a dress shaped like a rosebud. According to a brochure in side the box, “Rose Petal is the star of the garden. She’s a natural leader and a talented singer, too.”

Sunny Sunflower Rose Petal Place doll

Sunny Sunflower has short yellow hair and brown eyes and wears a dress and matching hat with sunflower petals over green polka dot bloomers. “Sunny Sunflower is Rose Petal’s best friend. She’s an outspoken, cute, and bubbly tomboy.”

Daffodil Rose Petal Place Doll

Daffodil has long yellow hair, green eyes, and wears a hat and dress shaped like a daffodil. “She’s the garden business whiz, who is an energetic and supportive friend.”

Lily Fair Rose Petal Place doll

Lily Fair has short blue hair, blue eyes, and wears a lily-shaped hat, a white leotard, and a pale blue ruffly tutu. “She’s a budding ballerina who dreams of becoming a star.”

Iris Rose Petal Place doll

Iris has short black hair, brown skin, and brown eyes. She’s the only African-American character in the Rose Petal Place line. She wears an iris-shaped hat and a sheer white dress with ruffly sleeves. “Iris is the resident artist. She’s a shy and creative flower friend.”

Orchid Rose Petal Place doll

Orchid has short white hair, purple eyes, and wears an orchid-shaped hat and a purple jumpsuit. “She’s a status-seeker – just a bit vain, but always means well.”

Nastina the Spider Rose Petal Place villain

Nastina is the villain at Rose Petal Place. She’s a black spider with a blue face and wears a purple ruffly skirt and pink cape. “Every garden has its bad seed and in this one, it’s Nastina the spider. She’s a nasty creature who wants to rule the garden. Her head, torso, and all 8 limbs are moveable, and by pressing a lever, she can bob down and up.”

In addition to the dolls, there were also playsets and other toys available.

Rose Petal Place roadster

“Take the Rose Petal Place dolls for a ride in the Rose Petal Roadster. It was once a rusty old car, but a teardrop of love turned it into a beautiful vehicle. It resembles a rose with a rosebud grill. There’s even a rumble seat for a passenger. When you press the horn, it plays Rose Petal’s song. And like all other magical things in the garden, the Rose Petal Roadster has its own teardrop hood ornament.”

Rose Petal Place purse and Rose Petal Cottage

The Rose Petal Purse was a child-size purse with pockets inside to hold six dolls. It also came with a mirror and comb. Both the comb and purse were just like the miniature versions that came with each doll.

The Rose Petal Cottage “…was once an old sprinkling can but a teardrop of love gave it all the comforts of home. It has a working doorbell and rose-shaped door with a teardrop on it. There’s even a mailbox. Inside is a vanity, a mirror and brush, and a chaise lounge. Attached to the trellis gate at the rear are steps leading to the rose deck where Rose Petal sings at a music stand. You can even look through the skylight to see everything inside.” The Rose Petal Cottage had very little room inside to hold the dolls.

Rose Petal Place Tumbles Hedgehog and Pitterpat Cat

Tumbles the Hedgehog and Pitterpat the cat were the plush, furry animal friends of Rose Petal Place. Tumbles could roll up into a ball and had a button to hold him in place. Pitterpat had a poseable fluffy tail and is one of the most rare and hard-to-find Rose Petal Place items.

Rose Petal Place Fashions doll clothes

The Rose Petal Place Fashions line included 10 intricately detailed outfits for the dolls, continuing with the same flower theme as their stock outfits. Five of the outfits were rose-themed, while the other five had colors and styles that matched the other characters.

Like other toys of the eighties, there were points on the back of each box that could be sent in and redeemed for special prizes. These points were called “Petals” and the “Gather the Petals” offer advertised gifts like necklaces, pins, and rings featuring the Rose Petal Place characters.

Gather the Petals points offer

A second line of dolls was advertised for 1985 that included new characters. The new dolls were Canterbury Belle, Cherry Blossom, Fuchsia, Gladiola, Marigold, and Sweet Violet. Prototypes of the dolls were made, but the line was never produced. These dolls were just as beautifully detailed as the first line, so the prototypes are highly sought-after by collectors and are extremely rare.

In addition to the dolls and playsets, there were also many other types of Rose Petal Place merchandise to collect. There were books, stickers, cards, porcelain figurines, musical instruments, games, and lots more.

The mold used for Rose Petal Place dolls was used again by Kenner in 1990 for the Bubble Belles dolls. Like Rose Petal Place, they were beautiful dolls but were available only for a short time. The Bubble Belles had shimmery legs and wore swimsuits. Each doll came with an inflatable water-themed toy.

Bubble Belles Pearl doll

Hope you enjoyed your tour of Rose Petal Place!