Ginger Breadhouse doll front of box

This year’s line of Ever After High dolls introduced lots of new characters, and there was one that I just had to have – Ginger Breadhouse. I love anything with a candy or sweets theme, and especially gingerbread!

As the daughter of the Candy Witch from Hansel and Gretel, her destiny is to live in the woods and eat little children. But she’s really a sweet girl who would rather bake treats for her friends. It’s just that no one trusts her enough to eat them!

Ginger has been out for awhile, but the toy stores near me rarely have any of the new releases, so I wasn’t able to find her in person until now.

As with the other Ever After High dolls, her box design is interesting and too pretty to throw away!

Ginger Breadhouse doll back of box

Here she is out of the box:

Ever After High Ginger Breadhouse doll

Ever After High Ginger Breadhouse doll

Ginger has brown skin, brown eyes, and bright pink hair with bangs and pigtails. She comes with bright pink glasses and a black headband with a cupcake on it. The cupcake is gold with pink frosting.

Ginger Breadhouse doll

Although all of the Ever After High dolls have the same hand shape, hers looks like it was made just for pushing up her glasses – an adorable look!

Ginger Breadhouse doll pushing up glasses

Her glasses can be removed to show off her pink eyeshadow and the little brown dots at the corners of her eyes.

Ginger Breadhouse doll with pink eyeshadow

Although I love her eyes and her unique face shape, her eyes seem to be printed a little bit off the molded eye shape, which creates the appearance of bags under her eyes. This seems slightly less noticeable with her glasses on.

Ginger Breadhouse doll without glasses

Her outfit consists of a gold and pink mini dress with a glittery candy sprinkles pattern, a cropped black jacket, and a fancy turquoise blue necklace that extends over her shoulders like an epaulet.

Ginger Breadhouse doll with dress, jacket, and epaulet

I love the sprinkles and glitter on her dress.

Ginger Breadhouse doll's candy sprinkles dress

The jacket has a sheer yellow glittery attachment on the back, I’m not quite sure what this is meant to be.

Ginger Breadhouse doll without glasses

Back of Ginger Breadhouse Ever After High doll

Her purse is shaped liked a black cauldron with a gold spoon-shaped handle. The lid of the purse has gold frosting or goo dripping down and really opens.

Black cauldron purse with spoon handle

Black cauldron purse with lid that opens

Her tights are brown with yellow swirls of frosting, and her shoes are gold with pink dripping frosting.

Ginger Breadhouse doll's gingerbread tights and pink and gold heels

I love Ginger’s candy theme and the fact that Mattel has introduced one more non-white character to the Ever After High line. But what initially got me started on collecting EAH dolls was the level of detail that goes into every last piece of a doll’s fairy tale theme, and unfortunately they cut a few corners with Ginger.

Although her promotional photos show her with a bracelet and ring, she has no accessories other than her necklace and headband – not even earrings. Some small wrapped candies would have been perfect.

She’s not marketed as one of the basic, no-frills dolls in the Ever After High line and also not priced that way, so I would have liked to see her with the same extra touches the other dolls have.

Then again, I wonder if Mattel is holding back on the original versions of the dolls now that many characters have fancier variations that come later. I have Ginger’s Sugar Coated Kitchen on the way, so we’ll see if her playset variation is any better.

Nonetheless, I was happy to finally add her to my collection based on her overall theme and she’s my favorite Ever After High doll so far.