Sugar Coated Class Ginger Breadhouse Playset

The newest toy in my collection is the Sugar Coated Class playset for Ever After High dolls, which comes with a Ginger Breadhouse doll and lots of fun kitchen accessories. The Sugar Coated version of Ginger Breadhouse has lots of sweet candy details and the playset itself is charming for play or just for a way to display your dolls.

Sugar coated class kitchen doll playset

The set includes the Sugar Coated Ginger Breadhouse doll (daughter of the Candy Witch from Hansel & Gretel), a kitchen counter stand, an easel, a chair, a bench, a wood oven, and lots of little kitchen accessories.

Ginger’s pink hair is pulled into a side ponytail instead of the pigtails of her signature version, but her face and makeup are mostly the same. She wears a gold headband with a white plastic chef’s hat on it and comes with a wooden spoon she can hold and a blue rubbery oven mitt.

Sugar Coated Ginger Breadhouse doll

Her glasses are gold, they’re smaller and a bit more proportional to her face than the signature glasses so I like these better.

Ginger Breadhouse Sugar Coated Ever After High doll with gold glasses

Although the signature doll didn’t have earrings, the Sugar Coated version has little gingerbread boys for earrings, which matches well with her theme.

Gingerbread boy earrings for Ginger Breadhouse doll

Her dress has a print with pink and yellow frosting, candy sprinkles or gumdrops, and gingerbread boys – a little more cute and kawaii than the glam and glitter of her signature dress. There’s also a rubbery belt with dripping frosting, which is removable.

Ginger Breadhouse Sugar Coated doll dress

Her jewelry includes a pink ring shaped like a gingerbread house and a gold bracelet with a gingerbread man.

Pink gingerbread house ring for Ever After High doll

Gold gingerbread man bracelet for Ever After High doll

Her shoes are pink with a wooden house shape to the heel (reminiscent of the cabin in the woods where she lived with her mother, the Candy Witch) and have dripping chocolate and candy sprinkles.

Sugar Coated Ginger Breadhouse shoes

Now for the accessories! There’s a pink easel with a blue cardboard chalkboard where Ginger has sketched out plans for her delicious treats. The chalkboard slides out and can be replaced with a photo or your own artwork.

Sugar Coated Class easel with chalkboard

Sugar Coated Class easel with chalkboard

The chair shaped like a gingerbread man has a seat that looks like half a wooden log, and there’s an indentation in the seat itself.

Gingerbread man chair for Ginger Breadhouse kitchen

The kitchen stand where Ginger can demonstrate her cooking has a countertop with texture like a graham cracker and also has a burner where she can use a frying pan. The frying pan has a handle on it so she can hold it in her hand.

Ginger Breadhouse playset kitchen counter

There are four little holes in the counter where the treats can be attached, each treat has a peg on the bottom so it can snap into place. The sweets included are a gingerbread house, brownie, and two cupcakes.

Ginger Breadhouse sugar coated class kitchen

Counter kitchen stand for Sugar Coated Class playset

Cupcake brownie and sweets for Ginger Breadhouse kitchen

The sides of the kitchen counter have swirls sticking out where Ginger can hang her pancake turner and scoop – both have hooks at the top for hanging and handles so she can hold them.

Spatula pancake turner for Ginger Breadhouse doll

The next accessory is a bench shaped like sugar wafers where Ginger and friends can sit.

Sugar wafer bench for Ginger Breadhouse playset

The lid of the bench opens up and you can store all of the little accessories inside to make sure they don’t get lost.

Sugar wafer bench and storage for Ginger Breadhouse kitchen

Sugar wafer bench and storage for Ginger Breadhouse kitchen

Next is a wood oven with a hanger out to one side for a cauldron.

Ginger Breadhouse wood oven kitchen set

The black cauldron has something red and bubbly inside, the red bubbles are made of translucent plastic so they almost seem to glow. There’s also a slot in the bubbly goo where you can store the spoon.

Black cauldron for Sugar Coated class kitchen

If Ginger wants to turn up the heat, she’ll have to add another log to the fire. The flames are made of translucent plastic so they have a bit of glow as well.

Wood fire oven candy kitchen playset

The actual oven part is small, so there’s little chance for being able to shove a witch inside. But Ginger can bake treats like her delicious gingerbread house.

Ginger Breadhouse candy kitchen playset

Gingerbread house on cake plate

My overall thoughts on this playset…..

When I did a review of the signature Ginger Breadhouse doll, I was a bit disappointed that she lacked some of the details I expected to see. The Sugar Coated version is much better, and I probably would have skipped buying the signature doll if I had seen the playset first.

There’s no stand for Ginger included – I even checked all the nooks and crannies of the box, since the stands are usually hidden inside. But that’s fine since she can sit on the chair or bench.

It would have been really cool for the translucent flame to have a light-up feature similar to the battery-powered tea light candles that flicker. Then again, not every toy has to light up and “do” something – there’s lots of fun in imaginative play and plenty of inspiration in this playset.

I would have liked to see Mattel get a little more creative with the treats, especially since making sweet things is central to Ginger’s theme. The brownies and cupcakes included are identical to the ones that come with the Madeline Hatter’s Hat-Tastic Party playset.

Madeline Hatter's Hat-Tastic Party treats

Madeline’s treats are on the left and Ginger’s are on the right – the only difference is the color on the frosting or plates. Ginger’s aren’t snapped into holes so you can see the pegs on the plates.

Ever After High doll cupcakes and brownies

Overall I’m impressed with the detail on this playset, it’s a fun addition to my Ever After High collection and is a “sweet” way to display the dolls.