Sugar Coated Ever After High Dolls

I recently added three new dolls to my Ever After High collection, they’re the Sugar Coated versions of Holly O’Hair, Cedar Wood, and Madeline Hatter. Each doll wears a sweets-themed outfit and comes with a sweet treat and kitchen accessory.

These dolls are great to display with Ginger Breadhouse’s Sugar Coated Class playset. I also made them each a miniature cake made from a styrofoam ball, which I gave instructions for in a previous post.

Sugar Coated Holly O'Hair Ever After High doll

First, there’s Holly O’Hair, one of Rapunzel’s twin daughters. Holly is one of my favorite dolls in the Ever After High line, but this Sugar Coated version isn’t much different than her signature doll. Her hair and makeup are nearly identical.

Sugar Coated Holly O'Hair doll

Sugar Coated Ever After High Holly O'Hair doll

Holly wears a little blue crown or ring around her ponytail, a pink holly flower and heart-shaped necklace, and heart earrings.

Pink Heart earrings for Holly O'Hair doll

Her dress is bright pink with a purple ruffle down the front and has an apron with cookies, sweets, and frosting on it.

Sugar Coated Holly O'Hair's apron

Her shoes are pink high heels with the texture of sugar wafer cookies. They have pink frosting dripping down the sides and chocolate and sprinkles on the top of each shoe.

Pink high heel shoes for Holly O'Hair doll

Holly’s accessories are an oven mitt and a cake stand with a clear dome and a pink cake inside. The oven mitt is made of harder plastic than the rubbery one that came with the Sugar Coated Ginger Breadhouse doll, so Holly came out of the box with one thumb bent backwards.

Holly O'Hair oven mitt and cake stand

The cake is easier to see without the clear dome, which is removable. The cake doesn’t seem to be removable, or at least it didn’t come out easily when pulled. I like the braid detail on the stand.

Cake stand and cake for Holly O'Hair doll

The miniature cake I made for Holly was inspired by the Tiered Trifle Tower Torte listed on the back of her box. I cut the styrofoam into flat rectangles and stacked them up, with gooey frosting in between and sprinkles on top that match her outfit.

Tiered Trifle Tower Torte cake

Miniature doll cake made from styrofoam ball

Next is Cedar Wood. Her Sugar Coated version is quite a bit different than her signature doll and I really like her hair and makeup. She wears a headband with a light blue bow and pink dripping frosting.

Sugar Coated Cedar Wood Ever After High doll

Cedar Wood Sugar Coated Ever After High doll

Cedar Wood’s hair has lots of volume and is the best “straight-out-of-the-box” hair I’ve seen on an Ever After High doll.

Cedar Wood doll hair

Cedar Wood’s outfit consists of a shirt with a wood grain pattern, a striped skirt with an apron, suspenders, and a necklace with details that make the shirt look like a button-down blouse with a yoke and collar. It’s an interesting look when it’s straight. Unlike all of the other dolls in the Sugar Coated line, she doesn’t come with earrings.

Her belt is rubbery and looks like dripping frosting. She comes with a wooden spatula or frosting spreader.

Her apron has a waffle-cone pattern with frosting or ice cream and sprinkles and a fake pocket.

Cedar Wood's dress and spatula

Cedar Wood’s shoes are wedges shaped like waffle cones that lace up her ankles. The laces are light blue and look like dripping ice cream.

Cedar Wood doll shoes with ice cream

Cedar Wood’s sweet treat is a two-layered chocolate cake on a round wood base and has blue frosting on it and a wood grain texture. There are handles on the sides of the wood base, but it’s actually easier for her to hold it by supporting it from underneath.

Cedar Wood cake

The miniature cake I made for Cedar was inspired by the Stick-y Sweet TruthCake recipe on the back of her box. I used the dome part of the styrofoam ball.

Stick-y Sweet Truth Cake for Cedar Wood doll

Miniature chocolate cake made from styrofoam ball

Miniature cake made from styrofoam ball

Last but not least is Madeline Hatter. Her Sugar Coated version is quite a bit different than her signature and other versions, with much darker hair and makeup.

Sugar Coated Madeline Hatter Ever After High doll

Madeline Hatter Sugar Coated doll

Madeline’s hair is probably the worst out-of-the-box hair I’ve seen and looks messy even from the front.

Madeline Hatter Sugar Coated doll

Madeline wears a headband with a white saucer and teacup and a gingerbread cookie sticking out. I think her dark hair and makeup are a bit drastic for the Sugar Coated line and would have liked to see it toned down a bit. It could look elegant in another theme, but stands out and seems drastic when she’s on display with the other Sugar Coated dolls.

Madeline Hatter Sugar Coated doll

Madeline’s earrings are shaped like little heart cookies with something dripping down the top. She also has a blue necklace that looks like a collar.

Madeline Hatter's heart cookie earrings

Madeline’s dress is brown and pink and has an apron with a pattern of tea cups, donuts, cakes and other sweets. Her belt is plastic and is shaped like a bow.

Madeline Hatter Sugar Coated doll dress

One of her accessories is a pretty and intricately detailed frosting piping bag.

Frosting piping bag for Madeline Hatter doll

Her shoes are brown high heels with a waffle cone or wafer cookie texture, pink frosting and a rose on the front, and lacy white bobby socks. The heels of the shoes are stacked up chocolate truffles.

Madeline Hatter sugar coated doll shoes

Madeline’s sweet treat is a Chocolate-Tea Cup-Pudding and features a white pearly base with handles, two tea cups dripping with chocolate or caramel sauce, and a dripping tea pot on top. The pudding has handles on both sides but was difficult for her to hold, especially since I didn’t want to remove the piping bag from her hand.

Tea cup pudding for Madeline Hatter doll

Chocolate-Tea Cup-Pudding for Madeline Hatter doll

The Chocolate-Tea Cup-Pudding has a hole in the bottom that matches with a peg on top of Cedar Wood’s cake, so the two can stack together. Apparently Holly’s cake can also stack with these, but I didn’t realize that when taking the picture.

Madeline Hatter and Cedar Wood cakes

Stacked cake for Cedar Wood and Madeline Hatter dolls

For Maddie’s miniature cake, I made a chocolate cake with frosting she can pipe with her icing bag.

Miniature chocolate cake from styrofoam ball

Styrofoam ball miniature cake

Miniature chocolate cake made from styrofoam ball

Last but not least is Ginger Breadhouse. I already posted a review of Ginger Breadhouse and her Sugar Coated Class playset, but here she is with the miniature cake I made.

Sugar Coated Ginger Breadhouse doll with miniature cake

Miniature cake made from styrofoam ball

Overall I like the sweets theme of the Sugar Coated dolls and they’re great for displaying with the Sugar Coated Class playset. The outfits, accessories, and treats are detailed and go well with each doll’s theme.