Blythe Winterish Allure doll in box

My newest Blythe doll, Winterish Allure, arrived today. The timing was perfect, it was snowing outside and most definitely a winter day! Winterish Allure is the December 2015 release and wears a traditional Russian folk costume.

Here’s the story from the back of the box – I wish I knew what it said! Sometimes the little stories are in English but not this time. I always find them interesting.

Blythe Winterish Allure doll back of box

Blythe Winterish Allure doll in box

Here she is in her full stock costume.

Blythe Winterish Allure December 2015 doll

Although her hair color is listed as “ash brown,” I think I would call it honey blonde instead. It’s definitely more blonde than dolls with a true ash color, like Ashletina.

As usual, her out-of-the-box hair is a mess and she needs a spa day!

Back of Blythe Winterish Allure doll

Her cable knit burgundy babushka is very nice quality, it’s soft and has rickrack trim on the front and pom pom trim (or ball fringe) on the back.

Knit babushka of Blythe Winterish Allure doll

It has soft yarn ties with white pom poms on the end.

Pom Pom on Blythe Winterish Allure doll babushka

Her special eye color is light gray (for her left-facing eyes). Her other eye colors are green (forward), pink (right), and dark blue (forward). Her specs list the dark blue as a special color, but at first glance it seems to be the same blue as Cadence Majorette and other dolls.

Blythe Winterish Allure doll eye colors

I’m not a big fan of the pink eye color, but they’re definitely better as side-facing eyes than when facing forward.

Her eyeshadow is olive green and is very subtle, it’s a pretty look. Her lips and blush are both bright red. Her makeup is bold without being overpowering.

Here she is without her babushka – her hair is long and parted down the middle. It’s very thick and full, but will definitely look better after a conditioning treatment.

Blythe Winterish Allure doll without babushka

She wears a mustard yellow sweatshirt or jacket with white fur trim and Tyrolean tape. The pattern on the Tyrolean tape is black with white edges and red and white flowers – this pattern is also repeated in the details on her box.

The shirt has short sleeves and a low neckline to show off the details on the striped blouse she wears underneath.

Mustard yellow fur wrap jacket on Blythe Winterish Allure doll

Her pull string is the plain, basic version.

Plain pull string on Blythe Winterish Allure doll

Her outfit is meant to look like a separate blouse and skirt, but it’s actually sewn together as a dress.

Blythe Winterish Allure doll in stock dress

The blouse has feminine puffed sleeves, a delicate striped pattern, and two tiny brown wooden beads.

Blouse dress detail on Blythe Winterish Allure doll

The skirt is very narrow at the waist but flares out towards the bottom, which is a look I really like.

Flared skirt on Blythe Winterish Allure doll

The skirt portion of the dress is navy blue with intricate green, red, and blue patterns printed on it.

Skirt print on Blythe Winterish allure doll stock outfit

Her thick red tights will keep her warm in the chilly winter cold. I don’t plan on leaving them on her until I set the dye with a vinegar rinse – red and other dark colors used in the stock outfits often leave stains on the doll’s legs.

Red tights on Blythe Winterish Allure doll

Her shoes are old-fashioned black heels with four straps, the same exact style that came with Cadence Majorette.

Her stand is navy blue and there’s a cardboard insert that can be punched out from the box flaps. The insert is black with the same red and white flower pattern featured on the Tyrolean tape.

It looks a little neater with the perforated cardboard edges trimmed off.

Cardboard stand cutout

Overall I really love this doll. As my Blythe collection grows, I’ve become more selective and usually like to see fan photos before I decide to add a new doll to my collection.

Winterish Allure is the first doll in awhile that I’ve fallen in love with right away and bought based just on the promotional photos. Her bright and bold makeup is what originally caught my eye, and her stock folk costume outfit is also a plus.

But for the price point, there are a few things to note – she has no earrings or nail polish, her pull ring is just the standard type, and she wears the generic polyester panties made of one piece sewn together at the sides without hemming or elastic. (This seems to be the new standard style and is actually a minor detail I don’t care about at all). But compared to the pricing on some of the other 2015 releases and the fact that her shoe mold is a repeat, I would have expected her to be offered at a slightly lower price point.

While her stock look is combination of rustic and folksy / timeless and traditional, her bold makeup and pretty hair color make her very versatile if you prefer a more glamorous look. With just a change of clothes, she can easily pull off a modern and trendy style. I look forward to seeing some fan photos of her with a totally different look.