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How to Make Miniature Dollhouse Thumbprint Cookies

These miniature dollhouse thumbprint cookies are easy to make and look so realistic. Using just polymer clay and Makit & Bakit crystals used for suncatcher craft projects, they can be baked up in no time. Continue reading


Miniature doll cakes made from styrofoam balls

This craft idea is a fun, cheap, and easy project, and the end result is a realistic-looking cake. The idea can be scaled to any size – even life-size cakes – just by using a different size of styrofoam ball. You can decorate the cake with frosting and sprinkles, or leave it plain.

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Thanksgiving Putz Cardboard Glitter House

Lately I’ve become obsessed with miniature cardboard glitter houses, inspired by vintage Christmas Putz houses. After having lots of fun making a Halloween glitter house, I decided to make an autumn-themed house to have on display for Thanksgiving. Continue reading

Little Red Riding Hood cape made from tablecloth

Back of Little Red Riding Hood cape

The idea for this tablecloth Little Red Riding hood cape came about after my daughter decided to try sewing her own costume this year.

After visiting the fabric store and realizing how much she’d have to spend on yards of fabric and a costume pattern, we headed to Goodwill and picked up a red tablecloth for $6 instead.

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Flowers in flower press after pressing

As summer draws to a close, I’ve been gathering flowers from my flower garden and pressing them to use in craft projects. This will give me something to craft with once our autumn rains return and I’m stuck indoors!

Pressing flowers is a great way to preserve them to use later in projects, especially if they’re flowers from a memorable event such as a wedding or a birthday bouquet. They can be framed, put into pendants, or used to embellish handmade cards. Continue reading

These place cards featuring paper punched pine cones are easy to make in a variety of designs perfect for any season and can be left plain for a rustic look, or can be customized and embellished with glitter for festive occasions.

Place cards can be made on folded paper so they can stand upright, or make them on a single piece of paper and display them propped on a pine cone as shown.

Pine Cone Place Cards for Winter Wedding or Party
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Candy Cupcake Valentines
This idea for valentines with candy “cupcakes” is adapted from my autumn gift tag idea using a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Hershey’s Kiss to make a mini candy “cupcake.”  Instead of adding them to gift tags this time, I made simple valentines.

This idea can easily be adapted for any holiday or occasion depending on what candy wrapper colors are available.

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