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Sugar Coated Class Ginger Breadhouse Playset Review

Sugar Coated Class Ginger Breadhouse Playset

The newest toy in my collection is the Sugar Coated Class playset for Ever After High dolls, which comes with a Ginger Breadhouse doll and lots of fun kitchen accessories. The Sugar Coated version of Ginger Breadhouse has lots of sweet candy details and the playset itself is charming for play or just for a way to display your dolls. Continue reading


Ginger Breadhouse Ever After High Doll Review

Ginger Breadhouse doll front of box

This year’s line of Ever After High dolls introduced lots of new characters, and there was one that I just had to have – Ginger Breadhouse. I love anything with a candy or sweets theme, and especially gingerbread!

As the daughter of the Candy Witch from Hansel and Gretel, her destiny is to live in the woods and eat little children. But she’s really a sweet girl who would rather bake treats for her friends. It’s just that no one trusts her enough to eat them! Continue reading

My First Custom Blythe Doll, Tiger Lily

Custom Blythe Tiger Lily

After a long time of working on and off on this project, I finally finished customizing my first Blythe doll. Her coloring is orange and green with brown freckles, so I’ve named her Tiger Lily (or Lily for short) after the flower. Continue reading

Rose Petal Place Dolls

Rose Petal Place dolls

Welcome to Rose Petal Place brochure

Rose Petal Place dolls were made in 1984 in conjunction with an animated film featuring the characters. They were designed by David Kirschner and sold by Kenner, the same company that made Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Each doll had a flower theme and was scented like flowers. Continue reading

Hungarian Magazine Feature – Postage Stamp Art

Postage stamp magazine feature

One of my handmade soldered glass postage stamp necklaces was recently featured in an issue of the Hungarian magazine Világunk és értékeink (Our World and Values).

The necklace is made from a vintage postage stamp with roses on it, and is showcased in a soldered pendant made with glass salvaged from a broken window. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Putz Glitter House

Thanksgiving Putz Cardboard Glitter House

Lately I’ve become obsessed with miniature cardboard glitter houses, inspired by vintage Christmas Putz houses. After having lots of fun making a Halloween glitter house, I decided to make an autumn-themed house to have on display for Thanksgiving. Continue reading

How to Fix Messy Doll Hair and Remove Dirt From Your Favorite Doll

Before and after doll makeover

Fixing messy doll hair and removing surface dirt from your doll is easy and just takes a few things you probably already have on hand. These techniques can be used on almost any doll, old or new. Continue reading

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